8 Luxury Bedrooms in detail


If you’re not part of the 1%, it is hard to not at least a little curious how enviable people live. And maybe nothing so is so fascinating, how, where she could place their heads every night down. The luxurious rooms at this post featured are chandeliers the amount of benefit from high-quality beds, stunning bedroom, they offer us a glimpse into the world that always seems out of reach.

The first bedroom here, designed by Mauritz Snyman, uses soft and soothing grays and silvers to create a sparkling, luxurious feel. From to ultra-modern chandelier that dangles over the bed to a plush silvery gray carpet that practically begs for your bare feet, waking up in this bedroom would be like waking up inside a warm storm cloud.

The first bedroom here, by Mauritz Snyman, used gray and silver soft and soothing, to create a sparkling, luxurious atmosphere. State of the art chandelier, which was silver-gray carpet, practically asking over the bed to a plush to your bare feet, waking up in this room such as waking up in a warm storm cloud his dangling.

While may appear as a single ticket for all could handle luck with more money, it doesn’t hurt to bring in some bright colors also. This strong sunny bedroom has a lot, that with splashes of citrus fruit and plenty of light.

Minimalist House Colors

minimalist home interior design

Minimalist House indeed has its own beauty. The form of the simple design is the main attraction of this House design. Minimalist house was built on land that was often not so vast. Then it takes brains to make this simple House look more spacious.

There are various ways to make the House look more spacious, minimalist. For example, by the selection of the right furniture. Furniture suited for minimalist House this is furniture that has a simple form, consists of angle – angle of the firm and has a slim size. The selection of the right home furniture very visualization impacted on a minimalist home.

However, in addition to the selection of the right furniture, other factors are also not less important is the minimalist home color selection. There are two ways to accentuate the color of minimalist House, paint a wall which is very commonly used and more practical at the moment is with the installation of wallpaper.

When you use the Paint wall color is very commonly used for home today, the advantage you get is a more economical price compared to wallpaper, and the lid can you use up to the wall on the outside of your home. However, the lack of deployment paint a wall is quite a long application time and higher difficulty levels.

If you choose to apply wallpaper, your time will certainly be more efficient. A very simple application to make the wallpaper started to demand by people at this time. The versatile easy deployment is the main advantage and characteristic of a minimalist house design.

After deciding whether to use paint or wallpaper walls, and need to decide colors minimalist House, minimalist House that is suitable for you.

How To Choose A Roof

types of roofing materials

The roof has a very important role for your dream home. It functions not only as a patron of the heat and the rain but also can improve the look of the exterior. With the selection of the right color and design, then home to this one element making the residence becomes more interesting.

Not to wrong, here are some tips on choosing a roof which can be used as a reference for you.

-Select roof or roof tiles to suit the design of the exterior of the House appear harmonious.

Each style must be combined with tiles that cover the top of the building.

-When your home’s design of traditional and colonial-style, you should select the type of tile ceramic tile, concrete, or you can use tile made from the material of the soil.

-Modern style for residential, then you can be more free to choose and apply the type of roof you will apply according to taste.

-Minimalist style for the home, generally the color of tile that is used is black and dark grey. So did the texture tile.

-Choose the correct roof to suit the climatic conditions of the area where you live, for the area of heat you can use roofing tiles since tiles are able to reflect the heat.

-That’s not as important to note is the choice of colors. The color is very instrumental to creating an impression of a more beautiful and gorgeous. The color of the roof should be adjusted with the facade of the House seemed to coalesce.

Tiny House Minimalist Color

tiny house

To create a minimalist house look more beautiful and lovely automatic will be worth in the eyes of others, one example is the minimalist house type 45 are indeed multitudes of devotees and a lot of property developers build houses petite. One of the hallmarks of the little house is an attractive House Paint everyone where the role of the selection of color and color combination is the basis of the beauty of the House. Seen from the outside color of the House will be seen more clearly so that the paint will look a durable new home.

An awful lot of inspiration with a wide variety of beautiful home paint color combinations paint minimalist House, modern house by relying on colors that are so trend or try to apply color paint your House imagination which becomes the color of dream home. Like this cute little house minimalist color in the paint color selection of beautiful home must also be careful not to paint colors for the exterior and the interior. Paint color choices the right home can provide many benefits for you.

tiny house color